Times Square Dunk Tank

JUXT helped Clear Channel Spectacolor unleash the most immersive interactive billboard ever in Times Square. This first of its kind billboard features a camera on the crowd, which produces a video feed that is overlaid with a gameplay video and real time interactive elements to create media that draws the crowds in Times Square into an unforgettable experience.

The experience begins by inviting the crowd to use Twitter to vote for either the Painted Lady (international pinup model and reality TV star Sabina Kelley) or the Strong Man (Hollywood stunt man Robert Miller). The winner of the vote finds themselves on a diving board waiting to be dunked by the crowd, who hits an AR beach ball into the Dunk Tank target. The crowd is rewarded with a vivid underwater plunge of the character. The audience is then invited to go to Facebook to pick up pictures of their experience and audition to be the next Times Square Dunk Tank star.

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