NFL Network Play Action

NFL Network approached JUXT with creating a data visualization touch engagement for their daily Fantasy Live television broadcast. On the show, the talent uses a large touch screen on air to compare player data and to look deeper in fantasy football stats. The NFL had previous touch engagements that they used but wanted something new, user friendly and scalable. JUXT came up with a solution that took advantage of the multi-touch technology to create a intuitive experience that the talent could easily navigate through during a live broadcast. We also created a backend CMS for producers to craft the stories they wanted to tell before taping the show.

The project was interesting as it made us think through a whole new set of problems such as the constraints of live broadcast. Also, designing a touch screen that would be taped by HD cameras, fed through cable boxes and ultimately shown on living room television sets called for multiple tests and retests. In the end, JUXT produced a stunning visual display of data that we were all proud of. Look for it next season of fantasy football.

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