Cherry Coke Myspace Design Contest

For the re-launch of Cherry Coke, JUXT concepted, designed, and launched the largest integration of a brand into Myspace, ever.

Back before Facebook was ever mentioned outside the college culture, when Myspace was taking the digital world by storm, Coca-Cola asked us to help them reach the youth of America through a new channel called “Social Networking.”

At the time, young people were jumping through all sorts of technical hoops to hack their Myspace pages in order to personalize and customize them to better express who they are. So we created an extremely robust application that allowed users to build a personalized page simply and easily, arming them with a plethora of Cherry Coke-themed artwork, and letting them create the page of their dreams. The user audience then voted on the best page, awarding the winner with the novel prize of having their page take over the Myspace homepage for a day, thus making them famous, as several million people viewed this page everyday.

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